NBV ‘Biz Ex’ – 23.03.16

Patience Oyeniran took Panashes Apprentice Alison Hall, to a local ‘NBV Biz Ex’ event, not only to understand other businesses in the area but to expand her own knowledge on Panashe.

The day started at 11.30, with many care agencies arriving early to socialise and offer assistance whether in hiring nurses or gaining contracts. Patience offered her own consultancy for those still within the CQC process the look of relief on many people’s faces really confirmed our guess that unfortunately a lot of agencies are stuck with the paperwork. Luckily Patience is now there for them and their businesses.

Des Colman guest presented and made the room full of laughter and gave everyone in attendance a chance to introduce themselves and, fingers crossed, gain some new clients.

Alison was keenly writing down notes about various ways to improve Panashe online and how to make sure we are marketing in the right areas. This is why often when events are on, Alison attends also. With her Level 3 qualification nearly over, I want her to experience everything and anything that can help her future and to broaden her Carer path.

Digital Media and Marketing Mentor leader – David Prescod (who coincidentally is Alisons Diploma teacher) advertised apprentices and in fact mentioned Alison stating she’s 100% up to date and completed on coursework as well in full attendance! This scheme has definitely benefited both her and Panashe Homecare.

With many experienced businesses presenting, we as a new and bright eyed Care Agency, Listened Tenderly for tips on business prospects, how to digitally build a new client base and much more, which if you ever attend a Biz Ex event, will know how fundamental these things are.

Finally, over a light buffet, we had the chance to socialise and gain insight to other Businesses and even had a few pictures with Des himself!

Check out the Event description here: http://nbv.co.uk/training_and_events/biz-ex-networking-get-a-plan-sam/

Upcoming NBV events: http://nbv.co.uk/events/

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